Benny Jackson - Creative Director


This is my face.

This is my face.

Hi, I'm Benny Jackson. I was born in the lovely city of Philadelphia and raised in the small state of Delaware. I received my BFA in advertising design from the University of Delaware. I got my start at Berlin Cameron, where I worked for over 4 years on clients such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, Ford, Lincoln, Heineken and Vitamin Water. From there, I hopped over to Translation NY and created the State Farm Magic Jingle campaign, including the notable “Hot Tub” commercial. Chicago was my next stop and HAVAS was the next shop. I’ve contributed to AutoZone, DISH, Terminix, Hornitos Tequila, Sauza Tequila, Pucker Vodka, Craftsman, DieHard, Carl's Jr., Mike's Hard Lemonade and Reynolds accounts. Right now, this very second, as I'm writing this, I’m dreaming of space.

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